Morvan in Burgundy

The 'Parc naturel régional du Morvan' has a tourisme that is based on the nature, but the Parc is possessing also an enormous offer in culture, music and don't forget our very famous Burgundy wines and food.



* Hiking (1500 km of marked paths/routes)

* Biking (2000 km of marked paths/routes)

* Horseriding (500 km of marked paths/routes)

* Fishing, swimming, sailing, canoing (Lac de Pannecière en Lac de Settons)

* Rafting

* Golfcourts (Autun: 9 holes, Nevers: 18 holes)



* Bibracte: yesterday,a Gaulish capital, today an archaeological site, a museum and a research centre (Mont Beuvray).

* The Basilic of Vézelay (known as Basilique Sainte-Marie-Madeleine) was a Benedictine and Cluniac monastery and is one of the outstanding masterpieces of Burgundian Romanesque art and architecture. Added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1979.

* Autun is a deeply historical city. It has preserved numerous ancient and medieval traces.

* Museum 'Septennat' of Francois Mitterand (collection of gifts which have been given to President François Mitterrand since 198) Château-Chinon.

* Castle of Bazoches The Marshal de Vauban acquired in 1675 Bazoches. Vauban, founder of the Engineers, was an uncontested Master of the strategy of the sieges and military architecture.



* 'Fêtes musicales' (classic music) Corbigny

* 'Festival de la chanson française' (popular french musique) Lormes

* 'Les nuits musicales' (classic music) Bazoches

* Fête de la vielle, Anost

* Les nuits Cajun & Zydeco (danse, music, film of Louisiana) Saulieu


Eating and drinking:

* wine yards (you will find all the famous Burgundy wine yards aroud the Morvan)

* honey

* meat (charolais cows)

* escargots (slakken)

* cheese (real french cheese)