Our property


The present Château de Poussignol was rebuilt in the early twenty-th century after a disastrous fire destroyed the previous construction (except for a few still surviving outbuildings and stables).


The Château is surrounded by ten hectares of rolling park land with many centuries old trees and ancient farm builings.


The Château also has its own private, superbly decorated, seventeenth century chapel with lead and glass windows depicting the Saints. In the summer we organise in the intimacy of the chapel the occasional classic concerts, the acoustics of the chapel are particularly suitable for these type of concerts.


Château de Poussignol is located in the heart of the Morvan nature reserve, which reserve is justly noted worldwide for its wonderful mountainous landscapes, forests, lakes and fresh healthy climate. What industry there is, is limited exclusively to logging and cattle raising. An idyllic place to spend a holiday.


we also have a small river, our own ice cellar, the chapel, plus of course the grounds own private walks.